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Studio Construction 

MovieBox have identified the old Superbock Brewery site as an ideal location. The size of

the site is big enough to develop an International Film Studio and it has a number of

unique characteristics which make it an ideal location.

A lot of the existing infrastructure and buildings will be kept and reworked to be used as

offices, workshops and catering facilities. The sound stages and specialist stages (VFX

and dive tanks/water stages) will be new builds.

In addition movieBox will seek to secure options to purchase surrounding land to enable

expansion in the future.

Floorplan of hoe MovieBox Studios will be laid out


The studios will incorporate multiple sound stages of differing sizes. It

is planned to construct 3 sound stages of approximately 3000, 2000, and 1500 square

metres which will be adequate to accommodate film, television,  and

commercial productions.

The water tanks that were necessary when the site was a brewery are ideal to allow us

to construct internal and external stages.


Alongside the stages, many of the existing buildings will be refurbished to turn them into

workshops and administration buildings to accommodate all of the ancillary services

that are required to run a fully operational International Film Studio complex with a

comprehensive Post Production, VFX  facility.


We have agreed the engagement of professional teams who have been involved with

the design and build of other studios around the world who will work with us to ensure

the studios are built to the highest standard and will be of an accredited quality

necessary to meet the demands of the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America)

which will attract top productions to Portugal. 





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