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Shining a spotlight on our sensational scenery

Film Algarve is a coalition of local and international organisations who share a vision for the future of filmmaking in the Algarve. In recent years there has been a confluence of circumstances that, taken together, offer an unparalleled opportunity for the film industry to create a significant economic and cultural shift in the Algarve region.


Given the region's sensational and varied scenery, marvellous light, and historical backdrops, it's a surprise that this transformation hasn't happened sooner.


But now, with plans for a major international studio complex, connected to the world via Portugal's excellent transport network, and a growing community of highly-skilled filmmakers living and investing in the region, it's time to truly put the Algarve on the world's filmmaking map.

Film Algarve serves as a regional promotional program with a global reach, operating as a not-for-profit initiative that harnesses the strength of reciprocal marketing.


Film Algarve's enthusiasm for the future is as much cultural as it is economic. Our collective aspiration, to bring ideas and stories flooding into the region and engage with creative minds and brilliant storytellers, is at the heart of our thinking behind Algarve Film.


Film Algarve  also is also poised to assist in the development of Film Week , bringing  together several existing cinematic strands and building upon them.  Algarve Film Week will combine Monstrare, an International Social Cinema festival, organised by Manual Baptista and the Loulé Film Office, a new Film Market, Fringe screenings, Workshops, Masterclasses, and Rui Tendinha's Prémios Cinetendinha Awards into one week-long celebration of the region's cultural vitality.  


Algarve Film Week, as a celebration of exciting, emerging talent, aimed at local audiences but with international reach. Starting modestly, Algarve Film Week has an ambitious plan to grow year-on-year. 

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Networking and collaboration event

R. Sá de Miranda 23 a 25, 8100-625 Loulé, Portugal

Map for Chamine Film Weekend event

Join us in Loulé  to meet Portuguese talent, Algarve-based crew, film and TV kit suppliers, location providers, venue operators, local businesses and the MovieBox Group team. A great chance to network, share ideas and look forward to the dynamic future ahead for high-end film and TV production in the region.


Come and see the studio site and hear all about the proposed works and how MovieBox and Film Algarve will engage the local community throughout its development.

Supported by the Loulé Film office, MovieBox Studios and the people of the Algarve.


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A MovieBox Group initiative

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