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The MovieBox Group of companies has been established to assist in the whole film-making process from concept to delivery.


We have a creative team that can seed and develop production concepts and also selects new projects that require production and co-production assistance. 


We have procured routes to finance and seek to continually improve and advance our financing models.



Our experienced Production teams and heads of departments have an outreach of connections in all areas of film-making, including post-production and VFX. 


Within our arena we have regular access to studio facilities, this area of our business model is currently enjoying further progress.



MovieBox Premiere is our home-grown distribution hub.     


An international TVOD Streaming platform that not only reaches diverse markets and audiences but with the added facility of MBX-Pro industry members have a route to get to know us and we them.

MBX-Pro offers services and networking opportunities for film-makers and associated skilled works in the field of Film and TV, at all levels.


The MovieBox Premiere team are not just aggregators of film content, 

the company’s eclectic team of industry professionals stems from a production background where film-making leads to distribution as appose to film distribution leading to film-making.


All avenues to fulfilling market demand have a place in commerce, however, we at MovieBox are turning our passion and art of film making into better business practice.


One of the unique facets of MovieBox is the group's willingness to interact with the film production community as a whole. We support the development of new talent and ability and actively assist its growth. We invest in this creativity and develop projects with potential.


We have the ability to organise and manage funding opportunities, produce a film, and assist others to reach their goals also. Follow us to learn more of our plans and philosophy.

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