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Loulé - Algarve - Portugal

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Amazing local landscapes, versatile architecture, talented crew available and good transport links!

The MovieBox Group has enjoyed taking feature film productions to Portugal in recent years and knows what the benefits can be. Building a studio facility was the obvious next step for MovieBox. 


The MovieBox Studios and Media Tech Village will feature three new indoor state of the art sound stages, two outside water stages plus an extensive Green screen, and a TV studio within an integrated tech hub which will not only be a base for the MovieBox streaming platform MovieBox Premiere and VFX Studio, but also a Tech facility. It is anticipated that the project will initially create around 300 high-quality jobs with a potential for substantial additions as the Tech Media Village is developed further.

Loulé ‘s proximity to major motorway links allows for a journey of just over 2 hours by car to both Lisbon and Seville. Loulé also has a high-speed rail terminal that has twice-daily direct connections to Lisbon. A heliport is also adjacent to the site. 


The studios will incorporate multiple sound stages of differing sizes. It is planned to construct 3 sound stages of approximately 3000, 2000, and 1500 square metres which will be adequate to accommodate film, television, and commercial productions. The water tanks that were necessary when the site was a brewery are ideal to allow us to construct internal and external stages.


Alongside the stages, many of the existing buildings will be refurbished to turn them into workshops and administration buildings to accommodate all of the ancillary services that are required to run a fully operational International Film Studio complex with a comprehensive Post Production, VFX  facility.


We have agreed the engagement of professional teams who have been involved with the design and build of other studios around the world who will work with us to ensure the studios are built to the highest standard and will be of an accredited quality necessary to meet the demands of the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) which will attract top productions to Portugal. 

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